Es Nova brings 4 different live formats
Each of them is the expression of a unique relationship with the viewer and space, of an original aesthetic and a different way of making music, open in the here and now of our existence.




POLITIKA the Art-Rock format of Es Nova dedicated to theatres and performance spaces.  Politika combines music and theatre, bringing on stage the words, read and sung, recited and transformed. The concerts offer the audience the most different ways of listening: in the dark or blindfolded, participating directly to the event or remaining listeners, in a crescendo of suggestions, languages and rock sounds spread in quadriphony



2) Open H/Art


Open H/Art is the artistic expression of Es Nova dedicated to museums and contemporary art galleries. It enhances and amplifies the aesthetic experience of the audience and the place, through unique performances dedicated to the present visitors. 


Each Open H/Art performance is linked to a visual work, an artistic current or an artist.


3) Capsula Cinematica