Es Nova is an idea born from the desire to experience through the sound-musical medium the #interaction process. Es Nova think of the  Group as a field of work and shared experience,  a place-carrier processes and language  of many voices.

The Gestalt field, from time to time, adds new aesthetic, resonances, intuitions, categories, sound #events sudden and unexpected. The music becomes a vehicle for an formless #aesthetic experience, open to different interpretations and streams of consciousness. // 

Words and Language alternate as fields of different speech, places of the said and not said, that at times  combine, catching moments of #openings in which "something" happens and where it is let  happen. 

The Es Nova immerge in a scene opened and closed  at the same time. 

Es Nova is an 'open space  which converges  several aesthetic and multiple research fields. 

#Dialogues that meet on the margins amoung music, philosophy, lacanian psyconalysis, visual arts, music therapy and chirofonetics. //

Es Nova are:

Erica Agostini (Vocals)

Alice Drudi (Piano, El. Piano, Organ, Analog Synth)

Nicola Rosti (Guitars, Sounds, Synths)