Es Nova 

is an artistic-musical hub that combines multiple languages, aesthetics, artists, and different visions.


After a long path of research and evolution in the fields of ambient music, minimalism, avant-jazz, electroacoustic music, and prog-rock, the collective has come to defy its own aesthetics.


Through sound art and intuitive music, Es Nova proposes its expressive language in contemporary art galleries, museums, performance spaces, cinemas, and theaters.


There are no sheet music, songs, or programmed compositional structures. The artists dialogue through intuitive and improvised means, allowing the flow of musical events and sound to be directed by what happens.


Since 2022, Es Nova has found their true essence producing music for social experiences and visual arts //


Es Nova 

Erica Agostini / vocals

Alice Drudi / piano, organs, synths

Claudio Pietronik / guitars

Nicola Rosti / guitars, electronics, production




Loretta Militano

Alberto Rino Chezzi

Pietro Conversano

Pier Paolo Coro

Mauro Pipani




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