Press & Feedbacks

A magma of sensations evoked through the dialogue between the instruments, a continuous tension towards a distant point on the horizon, an ideal destination towards which Es Nova tend with this new work, the fourth of their career, entitled "Politika". Very surprising for quality and definition.” - Pier Alberto Ricci

Rock On

The song "Aion" is as good as a classic.”

Giancarlo Bolther

An amazing record”

Giovanni Trotta

Fourth work for the experimental and avant-garde anarchist collective. Landscapes sometimes almost cacophonic, more often close to an evolved and contaminated jazz rock, which not infrequently looks at certain courageous extremisms that were dear to Area, recited voice, hostile and abrasive sounds. Very interesting, certainly original.”

Antonio Bacciocchi

A melting-pot of jazz and contemporary music to intercept the deepest drives and make them emerge from the swamp of the unconsciousness. Es Nova offered us a more effective performance than a psychoanalytic therapy, provided that we can stand the comparison with ourselves. We have met the enemy, and the enemy is ourselves”

Patrizia Pacia

Visionaries, heretics, timeless dreamers. Psychedelic convulsions of sounds that become poetry. Where reason is desperate to find space and metaphysics dictates its laws. Es Nova: voice of the verb: Art”

Joseph Nenci

The challenge of impromptu music... this time in a rock key...”

Tribuna Politica

Es Nova: The new face of Art”


For a moment, space and time dilate, and the Rep. San Marino looks like a great European capital, where artistic and musical research merge in an experimentation with deep emotional capacities. There is no hall booklet, no repertoire, not even a title, but a sort of sound dialogue that draws from original acoustic architectures.”

Tribuna Politica